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Before you sign a rental agreement,
Adv. Chava Braud will examine it for you
and protect you from unnecessary risks.

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Avihai Levy

Chava helped my wife and me with the rental agreement we were about to sign, which had a lot of problematic clauses we didn’t know about. I sent her the agreement in the evening and when I woke up there was an email from her waiting in my inbox with full detail about what we should ask the landlord to change in the agreement. When it comes to renting an apartment, these quick answers are crucial and Chava did everything to make us feel safe. Thanks Chava!

David Tintner

Chava found a few critical issues in my contract and saved me
from a potentially major headache down the road.
I wouldn’t even think about renting another apartment without talking to her first.

Hagar Israeli

Highly recommend the service! Personal attention, quick service
and professional answers to all questions. Thank you for your help!

Meirav Hornung

I approached Chava to get a professional opinion about a rental agreement
and received quick, thorough and caring service- Chava raised many issues I didn’t think about.
I’m happy to say the landlord agreed to all changes and we’re about to sign this week.
Thank you so much! This service is super important!

Noam Schwartz

Chava helped me before signing contracts with two apartments I rented.
Super professional and caring. Thank you!

Alon Porat

Although she’s my mom and I’m not the most objective person, without her help
I’d be in over my head with my previous landlord. Thanks mom!

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, not all agreements are fair. Decades of experience have taught me a great deal about the various legal traps that tend to hide in contracts. A thorough examination of the agreement before signing it can save you a lot of agony in the future, if and when things go wrong.

The agreement can be sent as any attached file you’d like - word doc, PDF, picture, Google Doc link etc. If you’re having a technical difficulty sending the agreement, please contact me via the form in the bottom of the page and I’ll try to help.

First and foremost, the peace of mind that comes with knowing the agreement that you were asked to sign, is fair. In less than 24 hours from the minute you’ll send me the agreement, you’ll receive a detailed email from me, in clear language, with all my recommendations regarding the agreement. If you’ll have more questions regarding what I wrote, I’ll be happy to explain further.